If you own a house, then the thought of remodeling is never far from your mind. You have a to-do list a mile long, ranging from the kitchen to the master bed. This is because whoever you bought the house from didn’t take this course, and you are stuck with all their bad design choices. A mixture of 20 different lighting styles from 3 different decades, 5 different metal finishes in the bathroom alone, carpet from the 90s mixed with trim from the 40s, topped off with a nice coat of brown paint from the 2010s. I get it. Well guys, here is the ultimate guide through the choppy waters of the home remodeling predicament.

In this course you will learn how to prioritize your upgrades, how to budget for your projects, and how to decide whether to DIY or call in the professionals. You will also learn how to choose finishes, colors, fixtures, and flooring that (of course) you will love, but that will also be perfectly in keeping with the architectural style and essence of your home.  Your house will thank you, your contractor will thank you, if you end up selling the house, your buyers will thank you– for taking this course.

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