“Interiors for the People has helped me in several unexpected yet meaningful ways. I was able to finally discover my style and realize what I like and why I like it.  Turns out what I really like was not what I was always buying! It was nice to be able to sift through categories of what I like and don’t like and pick things that I’ll love and are truly me and not just influenced by trends. I feel my personal style can transcend the trends to be more timeless.  I have learned to embrace my design style and stop trying to be someone I’m not. I have saved so much money because I’m not constantly looking for the next meaningless decoration to put in my house to finally complete it. I used the stuff I already had and already loved to make my house perfect. I don’t move or fuss with stuff anymore. I place it, leave it and relax. Because it’s what I like, where it’s meant to be. It has been very freeing and a beautiful gift in my life. Thank you!” – Ann






“Eirene’s course helped me to trust my style instincts, to go with what I like and not be influenced by trends and other people’s spaces. I really felt empowered and excited to start decorating.” – Heather








“I absolutely loved taking the School for Discovering Your Style course. I learned so much about myself and my style. The course reads like having a delightful conversation with a friend and I LOVED the way the course taught me to use things I already have in my home.” – Sheena