Subtitle: Beginning a blog despite the hurdles of anxiety, having four kids, and the fact that nobody has really been blogging since 2013.

Hi guys. Ha ha! This is easy! This is just the same as Instagram, only I am typing with all my fingers and not just my thumbs. I am not dying, bleeding, or even hyperventilating very much. So this will be fine. Totally fine. Ha ha ha. Ha.  Context: I have a phobia of blogging. It’s an odd, highly specific form of social anxiety (self psychoanalyzed and diagnosed).

Look, I can do hard things. The very existence of this website is proof that I can do hard things. I have had to become proficient in about thirty different software programs, write hundreds of pages of content, learn photography, learn graphic design, learn web design, learn marketing. And I’ve done it! Not perfectly, but adequately. And now, everything is ready. Except one little thing. I have to write a blog post. Which, as it turns out, may be the hardest thing I’ve had to do yet.

I can do this. I’ll just keep your expectations low. I have four kids and am not a diligent housekeeper. On days when I spend a large portion of time on Instagram, or reading a book or knitting or doing anything I enjoy that happens to leave my children unharped-upon and unsupervised, it’s like Lord of the Flies up in here. In their unchaperoned state, my children become barbarians and hedonists. This actually happens, to some extent or other, every day. Right now, as I’m writing this, my baby is sitting on the floor scattering granola into the carpet, my son is jumping on the couch upstairs, and my daughter is playing a game that requires every toy we have in the house to be on the stairs at the same time.


I’m not sure what you will find in this blog in the future. But I can promise you that I will always try to be honest, try to be relate-able, and try to informative when I can.

Interior design is for everyone! Even people who are people. Even people who have people. Good thing I believe and preach this, otherwise I would have no authority to write an interior design blog. But I am. And now I’ve survived writing my very first post. Um… Amen?

I’ll come up with a better closing line, I promise.