This course is specifically designed for people who love interior design and long for a juicy, beautiful home, but are insecure in their interior design choices. Insecurity manifests itself in several ways: avoidance, over-compensation, and impersonation.

Avoiders are overwhelmed by all the choices in interior design, so their homes are typically sparse, empty, and, dare I say, boring. This course will give you avoiders the confidence you need to shop for your home, and will give you specific guidelines and shopping lists so you know exactly where to start.

Over-compensators can’t stop buying things because they “like it all,” and their houses look like the lovechild of a boutique and a garage sale. This course will help you over-compensators eliminate wasteful buying, and curate your look so that it truly represents your taste and personality.

Impersonators look to what’s popular on Pinterest and in design mags to style their homes. Their space tends to feel less like a home and more like a stage set– always in style, but not their style. This course will teach impersonators how to hone in on the trends that are actually compatible with their personal style to create a home that is both timeless and thoroughly unique.