Hooks, not racks. Pull towel racks out of your bathroom and install hooks. Racks are inconvenient, fumbly, and fussy. Hooks are effortless. Even a child or a man can hang a towel up on a hook. Put in some high and some low if you have small people.

Good books in the loo. Keep a basket of interesting books and magazines in your bathroom. Let’s just acknowledge and embrace the fact that we all like to read on the crapper.

Beautiful shower curtain. The bathroom often gets the fuzzy end of the lollipop design wise, and it’s easy to see why– at least in my case. When a room smells like boy urine and has globules of pink toothpaste hardened to the sides of the sink, it doesn’t seem worthy of time/money/effort. A pretty shower curtain has a big impact, and is a great return on the investment. It covers a large area with beauty and draws the eye away from the things about your bathroom that are less than perfect.

Cleaning supplies in every bathroom. The bathroom is a really important room to keep clean, (both aesthetics and hygiene-wise) and this is a lot easier if you have super handy cleaning supplies. Keep supplies in every bathroom in the house–and the kitchen too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put off cleaning because it wasn’t quiiiiite convenient enough. If every bathroom in the house has its own toilet scrubber, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, rags and paper towels, procrastination just becomes ridiculous.

Indulge in color. A lot of people are leery of using color, not because they don’t like it, but because they are nervous about the commitment. The bathroom is a splendid place to experiment with using color in a big way. Paint a single bathroom wall a juicy color you love, and see what you think of the effect. Or incorporate color in other ways: towels, tile work, shower curtain, decor. It’s a great place to experiment because the canvas is small and the commitment is loose.

Upgrade the fixtures. If you hate the hardware and lighting in your bathroom, replace it. If it’s all mismatched, replace it. If it’s gross, old, or broken, replace it. It is not hard to do, and the cost to do so is probably way less than what you’re thinking. Shop home improvement/surplus stores online to find the right pieces. Trust me, your ideal combination of price and style is out there. It’s worth the time and effort. And it’s an easy way to make even the humblest of turd closets into a whiz palace.

Assign colored towels. If you have lots of people in a house, especially ones that are small and lazy, assign a different colored towel to each person. Everyone knows their color, always has their towel when they need it, each towel gets less wear and tear, and you always know who to yell at when you inevitably find a crumpled, soggy towel on the hall floor.

Make your bathroom fancy. Not necessarily heated-toilet-seat-fancy, just a little fancy. A candle, some art, some heavenly smelling liquid hand soap, odor eliminating toilet spray, burning incense. Instead of treating the room like a porta potty– a place of evil necessity, treat it like a spa– a place for personal renewal.  

Buy extra bulbs.  An underlit bathroom looks sad. Also, every time I replace a bulb that has gone out in my bathroom, I’m like “Oh my G.O.S.H. How long has this whisker been there! Why didn’t I replace this bulb sooner!?” Long story short, buy extra bulbs when you do your bulb shopping. Always keep them on hand. You and your bathroom will both look more beautiful.

Keep it neutral. There is nothing worse than using the bathroom at a friend’s and being keenly aware of the many human butts that have been where yours now is. You can minimize this trauma by keeping your own bathroom space neutral. Keep personal grooming items out of sight. Keep bathtub toys to a minimum and keep them neatly stored. And of course, keep it clean. Unlike the rest of the house, which you want to feel personal, the less evidence of individual human beings in the bathroom the better.