AboutPicHey all. I’m Eirene Henderson. A humble interior designer who wants to help the people of earth learn that a stunning, stylish home, with individuality and intention is within reach for anyone. Not just the rich and good looking. But people. Ordinary, but extraordinarily deserving people.

A home is so much more than the doors, walls, and floors that make it up. It is an extension of you. It is the skin that you live and breathe and love in, it is the lobe of the brain where your ideas are tangible. It is the heart, drawing you in empty, sending you out revitalized.

Be that as it may, beautifying your space, making it feel the way you want it to, isn’t effortless, and can be super intimidating.

But, the good news is, it’s a learnable skill. There is a process, a formula, and it doesn’t take dollars, so much as it takes determination. And I really want to share this knowledge with you. Like, real bad.

I want you to be that person with that house that people walk into, and go “Wow, your home is beautiful! Your home is so you! I want to just walk around and look at every little detail! I wanna live here! I’m gonna die!” And hopefully, they don’t actually move in with you or die– Or maybe, hopefully they do– I don’t know these people. I just know I want them to love your home. I want you to love your home.

Ama de casa is a Spanish phrase that translates colloquially as landlady, housekeeper, or housewife, which, come on! But the phrase literally means “lover of the house” which I like a lot better. I do love my house. Me and my house are lovers. Stewardship over a home really ought to be a relationship, with give and take. A passionate blend of adoration, respect, satisfaction, and occasional neglect-followed-by-epic-reconciliation.

You already have 90% of what you need to start this romance. You may not think you do, but I am here to tell you that you have it in you– and you have it in your attic, closets, and garage. That’s the designer’s gold mine out there. You are just going to have to trust me.

And who am I? And why should you trust me? I am a girl with four kids, a man, and an 80s split-level in Westminster, CO. I grew up the fifth child of nine, and have identified as an interior designer from age ten, when I drew my first floorplan, and moved a piano and two sofas all by myself. I live the most normal, least romantic life you can imagine. Unless you think washing dishes, listening to Cat Stevens, and breaking up kid fist fights is romantic. In which case, I’m the Beyoncé of the domestic scene. But normalcy does not exclude me from having a fabulous home that I love to see filled with friends and family. It never has. It never will. And it doesn’t exclude you, either.